OMTD inspired by Molix

OMTD is a brand that belongs to the Italian company Pro Tackles, owner of the trademark Molix.
The OMTD project started in the Molix’s workshops to introduce, in the technical evolution of fishing with lures, also a significant development of the accessories.
Subjecting every day the Molix baits to countless tests could determine the desire to arm them with hooks and Jigheads inspired by a single and similarity research of  the peculiarities.

oh1300 oh2000d oh2100 oh2500 oj500 oj1200

Design, performance and technology at the service of efficacy are the three basic elements that leave the lure and the accesory its functional autonomy, but indicate, at the same time, to the most demanding fishermen the importance of details.
The results, immediately stimulants, have strengthened the belief of the technicians of the Molix ‘s workshop in a job that has seen the contribution of the fishermen of all levels and experience.
The curves and the shapes of the hooks and Jigheads by OMTD are different from the other products of the same kind. This is the result of the experimentation.
The assists and the micro jig heads reflect the same philosophy.
The range is wide because it is necessary to offer the angler, who faces different situations, different solutions, so that he may engage in seemingly immutable spots, exalting his capacities. The feelings will do the rest. OMTD will make the difference!